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Surface Grinding
Surface Grinding
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Surface Grinding

Stoffel Polygon Systems provides a wide range of Precision Grinding Services for applications across many industries. We understand that each business has unique needs and will always offer customized solutions that best meet the requirements of your project. 

Our team has the precision grinding expertise to deliver components that meet your exact specifications every time! Contact us today to discuss your latest project. 

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Surface Grinding

Process & Capabilities

Surface grinding is used for components that require a high surface finish. The grinding machines use a rotating abrasive wheel to smooth the flat surface of materials, resulting in a uniform high surface finish across all the components. Our grinding department uses the latest technology and industry expertise to deliver outstanding precision and uniformity for every project. 


At Stoffel Polygon Systems, our Precision Grinding Services can handle a wide range of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. Our grinding department has 5 Fortuna Polygon & Cylindrical Grinders, 1 Toyoda CNC Grinder, and 1 Abwood Surface Grinder, enabling us to carry out a diverse range of surface grinding applications. 

Some of our capabilities include: 

  • Shaping
  • Grinding
  • Sharpening

Please get in touch with our team today if you don’t see the exact application you are looking for.

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Our Primary capabilities are manufacturing parts for either prototype or production purposes, and especially integrating POLYGON DRIVE CONNECTIONS onto current or new parts. Engineering consultation is provided to help our customers maximize their design by using the best polygon connection for their application.

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Industries Served

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Customer Stories

"We would like to thank the team at Stoffel Polygon Systems for completing our polygon adapter in an expedited manner. We are most appreciative of your focus and fine attention to detail. This has supported Goodrich in meeting the needs of our customers. The adapter has passed all inspections. This is a result of the fine level of workmanship we have received from Stoffel Polygon Systems. Thank you again for your teamwork on this project."

Michael O'Hara from Strategic Sourcing

"Kellogg Crankshaft recently received a very complimentary letter from Rotary Power International, Inc.'s Mr. W. B. (Bill) Silvestri regarding the specialized crankshafts for the Marine Corps. All of us in the industry recognize that praise is in limited supply today; our customers continually require more for less and faster. Kellogg would like to take this opportunity to recognize you, as our supplier, for providing quality, cost-effective services on this project. Rotary Power anticipates future opportunities, similar in nature, and will again be looking for a quality job and counting on all of us to offer suggestions to reduce costs wherever we can. Again, all of us at Kellogg Crankshaft thank you for your contribution to the success of Rotary Power International, Inc.'s five rotor crankshaft project. We look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship with you on future work. "

Charles C Baker from Kellogg Crankshaft

"So nice to find a company so passionate about quality. Your shaft was (is?) beautiful. Perfect really. We, Conhagen, did not realize Stoffel would create shafts from scratch... In the future we will send you heat treated stock for your magic. We usually buy forged bars, annealed, quenched then tempered by our own heat treater. Normally, we run all 400 series stainless through a second temper after rough out as a stress relief operation to keep the shafts straight. "

Dennis Bowman from Conhagen
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